Everyone who’s ever met me knows that I don’t do well with free time. I like to be busy – all the time. I’d rather have too much to do than not enough. It occasionally comes back to bite me, but I’d rather take my chances. I don’t like to be bored. I don’t like to feel unproductive. I don’t like to have “extra” time on my hands. It’s weird, considering I do love to plop in front of the TV and watch Grey’s or LOST or a few other shows, but even then I’ll have my laptop with me or I’ll have friends over so that we can watch together. Idle time is just not something I enjoy. 21/365 - LOST

I’ve mentioned that this is pretty much going to be the best semester ever. It most certainly is. Every day since I’ve gotten back to school has just reaffirmed that fact. I’ve been in such a good mood. I have ZERO stress and I feel like I can finally focus on the things that I really care about instead of the things that I’m required to do. Sure, the classes I’m taking are just to fulfill college requirements, but I CHOSE those classes. They weren’t on some checklist somewhere for me to just go through like a robot for 4 years, they were classes that I picked because either they actually interest me or they’re different than anything I’ve taken before (OK maybe with the exception of statistics, but who’s keeping score?). It’s an amazing feeling! I don’t think I’ve ever been this calm, relaxed, or happy in my entire time here. Leigha said I was a “ray of sunshine” when I went down to the Sun office today and she was right. I hadn’t noticed it until she pointed it out, but I’ve had a smile on my face all day and even yesterday!

The one thing that’s missing, though, is my geeks. I miss them a lot. Most of my IS friends have either graduated or, like me, have started to take classes outside of the major since we’re done with the major itself. I miss our chats about who knows what. I feel like I’m losing touch – not just with them but with the nerd world. I’m not really all that into coding (duh), but being around people like Phil and Dean and Leo really kept it fresh in my mind. Especially now that I’m not taking any classes where technology is even a topic of discussion, I feel like I’m growing distant from that world. I don’t like it! I miss our conversations about this website or that blog post, coding for this project or designing for that freelance job. I miss our little community. It’s the reason I got involved in this independent study project I’m working on – to get my hands dirty in the world of coding, design, HCI, and everything else that people in my major live for. I want to feel like I know the space inside and out again.

Even with that missing link and even though we’re only a week in, this semester is shaping up to be everything I wanted it to be. It’s fantastic to not only have the time to do what I want, but to know what I want to do. Often for me those two are not aligned, but for once the fates seem to be taking pity on me for last semester’s hell. I’m finally getting to work on my photography (like my Project 365 or my newly started portrait series), finally getting to have a social life, finally getting to do the things that have been on my To Do list for ages – and I get to do them with a smile on my face. This is how life should be!

Oh, and if you’re in Ithaca and want to have nerdy chats about nerdy things over coffee or cupcakes or anything for that matter, let me know! I’d love to being to rebuild our little subset of the geek world.