My first assignment of the semester was for PSYCH 3470: Psychology of Visual Communications. We were tasked with capturing 9 photos: 4 letters (2 in the built world, 2 in the natural world), 4 letters (2 built, 2 natural) and 1 photo in which something was camouflaged. More than anything I was excited to have a reason to carry my camera with me around campus and not have to shoot people or typical Sun things.

I decided to take my first stab at getting these shots on Saturday, when the wind chill made the “feels like” temperature a brisk -7ºF. Needless to say I wasn’t outside for very long. I ended up getting shots all over campus, though, from out by the plantations to the Ag Quad, Arts Quad, and who knows where else. Unfortunately, when I came back to download I realized that I would need a Round 2.

So I tried again. I brought my camera with me to class on Monday and proceeded to stop at every “natural” element I could find along the way. I got some strange looks from the people who saw me, but I don’t blame them. I was, after all, stopping at nearly every tree, bush, or wall of ivy that I passed, staring at it for 45 seconds or so, occasionally putting up my camera and moving within 3″ of a branch and occasionally just moving on to the next tree. Now mind you, this is Cornell. There are A LOT of trees. I managed to get nearly everything I needed by the end of Monday – everything except for “numbers in the natural world”. Hey, it’s not my fault that everything is frozen and dead around here!

Which brings me to today. I drove around downtown Ithaca for a bit, staring at trees again, but no luck. When I had to run up to the Engineering Quad for a quick meeting I decided to bring my camera, just in case. GOOD CALL. I was on the phone with my gram and as I passed by a particular bush, I stopped dead in my tracks and told my gram “OH! I have to call you back! I just found 6!!!” She was slightly confused. I stayed around that bush for a while and also found 8, 3 (which I later turned into a W), and a few others. I’m a huge fan of that shrub. It’s the one on the second landing as you go up towards Upson. If you pass it, give it a hug. It saved me from potential frostbite.

Anyway…my first project of the semester is now complete! Sure, I may have become “the weird girl with the camera who lurks in the trees”, but hey, you have to do what you have to do! (Oh, and read my photo 26 for a side story about an attempt to get some more photos on Monday).

Without further ado: Week 2: (it’s a slideshow, so you’ll have to click through if you’re reading via RSS).