I was right about looking back and saying “WTH was wrong with you?” Sunday was definitely a low point, but I’m not ashamed. It just goes to show how much my time at The Sun meant to me.

But that’s in the past now. This last week was great. It look a bit of getting used to and after my exam on Tuesday I’d say that I fell into a pattern that I’m going to enjoy for the rest of the semester. (holy heck, only 77 days!) In between classes I tend to spend a lot of my time in Libe Cafe doing work or just chatting with the endless stream of Sunnies who wander in and out. It’s great – we don’t even talk to each other most of the time, we just share a table and get our individual work done. It’s like being alone without being alone. Not to mention, having people busily working all around me keeps me focused. Though my large-iced-chai habit has seen its revival in this last week, the fact that I’m not just holing myself up in my room after classes is a good thing, good enough to make the daily and occasionally twice-daily large-iced-chai OK.

In this last week I’ve also picked up a second independent study (no thanks to the College of Arts & Sciences…argh), but that’s OK too, because it’s something I’ve had brewing in my head as a pet project for a while and will now give me some reason to actually do some work on it. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s something I find interesting and I always do better when I actually enjoy what I’m doing.

I’ve also started to read “leisure” books again. Some are in the paper form and others are via the Stanza iPhone app, but it’s nice to get some new/different information flowing into my brain. I feel like I’ve kind of let it stagnate these last few months. I haven’t actually finished them yet, which is going to be the true test, but I’m optimistic. Especially with good weather and practically zero responsibility? I definitely see a few days of lounging around the Plantations with a book or two in my future.

On Friday I hosted my second pot luck of the year and I think this one was even better! I was beginning to feel a bit on the germy side Thursday afternoon, but decided to push through in hopes that it would just go away. Unfortunately it didn’t and I didn’t have much of an appetite for the pot luck, but everyone loved the food that people brought! The things that I did nibble on were quite tasty! It was also fun to get a bunch of my different groups of friends together in one room. They all hit it off really well which is always a good thing! I’m hoping to have one last pot luck before graduation. Perhaps sometime in April.

I was completely out of commission yesterday. I made myself get up and go out to shoot a few things for a DAZE feature (I’m keeping my Sun commitments to a minimum these days), but after that I was down for the count. I don’t really remember much except for dozing in and out of sleep. I know I had a fever – the thermometer and my ridiculously bizarre dreams are proof of that. I pretty much slept the day away. It’s mostly gone today, but again I made myself get up and go out to be a productive human being (I had a lot of “work” to do at Borders that involved reading about 2 dozen magazines).

That’s about it. I’m settling quite nicely into this post-Sun lifestyle and the days seem to be absolutely flying by. I hope the rest of this semester is as nice as this past week, save for the bad weather and the gross cold. Here’s to the final chapter of college!