Though February was a much more active month than January, it was still tough to get photos every single day. I found myself getting really burnt out toward the end of the month – with all of the shooting I’ve had to do for the Sun and for my Psych class and being stuck shooting the same things all the time (there are only so many ways to shoot the clocktower) – I’ve lately been scrambling to take a picture of some sort of still-life arrangement in my room or uploading something that I’ve quickly snapped with my phone because I didn’t have anything better. Hopefully with the nicer weather I’ll be more inspired to take some new/better shots.

32/365 – cayuga lake

32/365 - cayuga lake

I think this is how I’m going to remember Ithaca. Ok, well probably not, but it is a cool scene. In the four winters I’ve spent here, I’ve never seen people actually walking on Cayuga Lake. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t find myself down by Stewart Park all that often, but wow. Insane. I wish I had some sort of way to measure how far out the ice actually went, but from the shore, I could barely see the people who were all the way at the edge. There were people running, sledding, skiing, dogs, babies, the works! I was wayyyy too scared to go out there by myself, plus with my camera equipment and no “buddy” to make sure I didn’t fall into the ice, I didn’t think it was the wisest idea. I do kind of regret not going back with a friend to walk out there, but hey, it was 50-something degrees out. Better safe than sorry.

41/365 – lost dog

41/365 - lost dog

This shot is here for one reason: I like it. It doesn’t have a particularly strong memory attached to it (though the dinner with Matt and Ann was fun and very tasty), but I really love the lighting.

55/365 – brunch

55/365 - brunch

This shot isn’t all that wonderful, but the omelette was! Natalie came to visit for a few days – our second in-person meeting in about 8 years! We caught up on our lives and pretty much just hung out, cooked, watched TV, movies, walked around campus, etc. Apparently the story of how we met/how we know each other was quite perplexing to the border patrol guy Natalie had to talk to on her way here. I guess I can’t fault him for not grasping how two 13-year olds from different countries met online through a mutual online friend, started an online magazine, and only met in person for the first time 4 years later, when they were in college. It is a rather bizarre story.

59/365 – new and old

59/365 - new and old

I’m not going to beat a dead horse with this one, but this shot was taken at the Sun’s post-elections bar tab at The Nines. It was an incredible night and the perfect way to end an incredible year. I’m pretty sure that these were Peach Kamikaze’s.

That’s it for February! Pretty simple. February was more of a month about the “little things” with a few big things thrown in there. Here’s the rest of the month: