Wanderling: Wireframe

There’s something I’ve been wanting to make for the last few years. It’s something I find myself looking for when I plan my travels and something that I think will be fun to do. Not to mention, it’s been a few long months since I got my hands dirty in the code and design of a web project. Gotta keep sharp!

It’s a crappy weather week here in NJ, so my new drone and I are grounded. Instead, I’m going to use this week as a little timebox challenge: I’m going to build this site that I’ve been stewing on for years over the course of this week and launch it on Saturday next week (4/16). I thought I’d build it and document it out in the open as part of the challenge and also as a way to keep myself accountable (obviously I like putting my goals out there into the world.)

I want to use it as an opportunity to stretch my design and dev skills. The concept of the site isn’t complicated in itself and the implementation is moderately straightforward - I don’t think any of it will be over my head - but it’s stuff I haven’t really done in a while, so I’m kind of excited to dig in.

I’m repurposing and old domain for this since it’s just sitting there collecting digital dust. Once I get the basics up there, I’ll post the URL here and you can follow along if you’re into watching something become progressively less broken. :)

It has elements of things I’ve toyed with the in the past, all sort of combined into one travel-oriented resource. You’ll likely see bits of Betterlist in there with bits of Ready Jet Set and who knows what else. I like to think all of my little tinker projects are stepping stones and experiments toward something better.

Enough writing - time to get to work.