Today was another day of Adulting. Somehow in the last few weeks I’ve managed to stack up a lot of little chores and errands that need to be dealt with, so I’m trying to get back on top of all of them and also get ahead of some future things.

One item on the agenda is coming up with a plan for the first part of my trip to Europe in March. Jimelle will be there for the first 9 days of it, so we’re trying to sort out what exactly we want to do. Right now it’s looking like a road trip from Bordeaux -> Amsterdam might be on the horizon, but we’re still figuring out the logistics of it and whether it’s actually the best choice. Just something we tossed around for a little while.

Logistics seems to be the name of the game lately. Which is kind of fun for me, really, because I love the puzzle of it.

Also I made cookies. Because, you know, adulting.