…is upon us, it would seem. My headache didn’t go away. I tore through my room and dusted everything in sight hoping to calm it down a little. I mostly spent the day doing that and working my way through the Best Picture nominees. I think I only have 2 left: The Revenant and Room. I’m not sure which one I’m pulling for just yet. I really enjoyed Brooklyn, but I’m not convinced that’s one the Academy will vote for. The Big Short maybe? I didn’t think it was all that great of a movie. Interesting, yes. Eye-opening, sort of. But it wasn’t a super compelling movie that I’d watch again or that moved me in any sort of way other than frustration and a reminder of what happened. I really liked Bridge of Spies. I watched it en route to Berlin in December, so that was a fun coincidence. Mad Max, as I’ve already mentioned is totally not my cup of tea. And then there’s Spotlight, which I’d group in with The Big Short. Interesting. Eye-opening, but not really what I would consider an Oscar-winner. The Big Short and Spotlight felt more like they belong more in a film festival. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to watching Room. The Revenant, however, I wish I could skip, but I always make myself watch them all just to appreciate the category. And who knows what will surprise me. I’m trying to remember how many years I’ve been doing this for. It has to be a good 5 or 6 now. Jeez.

Tomorrow starts my week-long bootcamp. I’m leaving in just over a week, which is pretty insane. I’m still rethinking the Europe part of my trip. My gut is telling me to shorten it, so I think I might. I think I’ll spend some more time in The Netherlands and maybe go home from there. If I can find a cheap flight somewhere else, maybe I’ll throw that in, but I think I’ll try to be home by mid-April and plot my next adventure from there.

Going on a 6-7 week adventure requires some mental preparation for me. I’ve done them before, but always knowing that it was the plan and honestly I’m not ready to just go off galavanting for that long at the moment. I’d rather do a bunch of shorter trips to get my sea legs about me first. So I suppose that decides that.

Here’s hoping I don’t have this headache again tomorrow! Although given how nice it was out this afternoon, I think it might be worth it.