yay! i finally finished Up From Slavery! only one more book to go! It wasn’t as bad as i expected..i thought he would be moaning and groaning about his hardships in life…but it was quite the opposite! i’m just glad i got it over with, now i can spend the rest of vacation (like 3 days)… reading the Miracle At Philadelphia…fun…n e way…i’ve been working on advertising the site a little around other message boards and stuff. and that’s about it, i spent my entire day for the past 2-3 days doin skool-related stuff.

oo! my new skool sneeks came in today!! well, all but 1 pair! yay! excitedness i think new sneakers and new skool supplies are the only thing i look forward to come late august

well, i can’t sit on this puter n e more, i’ve been on it all day reading the book from a website

i’ll work on the site a little tomorrow =?o?)? o yah! a few more things i joined a new fanlisting and applied to join an elite clique, so now i’m waiting approval also, i learned how to make lucky stars, they’re really kool! i’ll post the link for the site tomorrow!