y do i seem to b avoiding the things that are most important lately? whether it’s my books for skool or other obligations, i just keep procrastinating and distracting myself with other things!! i should be 1/2 thru my last book now and i didn’t even start the 3rd! and school starts in 7 days!!!

n e way…on a happier note…the boards have 7 members now!! and quite a few posts! u should go check them out!! and..wat else?? that’s about it today…the dude from this company contacted FLAVA today and said he was interesting in sponsoring a contest…which is reallly great news cuz that means we may be able to get the domain we’ve wanted now!! other than that..i hadta get my physical for volleyball today…nothin special…and umm..o! i discovered another wing of my school that i never new existed! it’s the size of a small elementary school!! i think that’s about it. tomorrow i hafta go to Freshman Orientation…and bring my adopt-a-homeroom (304!!) around the building and answer their Qs and stuff…and then i’ll come home and go bak to sleep! i hafta b up at like 7:30! 7:30!! that’s 4-5 hours before i usually wake up!!!