yay! it’s saturday!! FINALLY! even tho last week was REALLY short, it was long at the same time! lol. we had to go in at 10:00 on tues, wed, thurs. but we didn’t get to class til like 12:40 on tues cuz we had yet ANOTHER bomb scare and we had to go to the grammar school for like an hour. then when we go bak to skool, we had to sit in homeroom for like ANOTHER hour, so yah, it was LOOONG lol. then we had ANOTHER one on wednesday!! and we had to sit in homeroom for another hour in lockdown mode….this is gettin ridiculous!! i mean, JEEZZ!! lol thursday was normal tho! lol but now, since we had that evacuation on tuesday, and the juniors didn’t get to finish their testing, we don’t hafta go in til 10 on MONDAY!! woohoo! lol

so other than that…what else is new? i have a TON of updating to do, which i should get done this weekend, cuz i don’t have ANY homework whatsoever! lol and…yah, that’s about it i think.

peeple haven’t been goin to my board anymore lately…go post!! lol:


lol that’s about all for now! thanks for all the comments and stuff! see ya at the board!