today was a REALLLLLY weird day! lol..we were in 1st pd. and 1 of the groups was presenting their consitution competetion thingy when the fire alarm went off….the teacher was really pissed (he was hitting the cabinets!). lol! so n e way, we ran outta the room (ANYTHING to get outta there! lol) and walked towards the stadium. we stopped where we usually do, but the VPs kept tellin us to walk further and further…so we kept walkin! all the way to midtown! (the grammar school) mind u, this is the ENTIRE high school! 2000+ kids! and they almost NEVER empty BOTH buildings at the same time. so we got to midtown and went inside…and ended up staying there for nearly FOUR HOURS!!! turns out there was a bomb scare or sumthin like that….it wasn’t so bad tho, cuz i went to midtown, so i was familiar with everything i couldn’t find n e one from my class, and there were people EVERYWHERE. they filled up the entire gym, the entire lunch room, and 2 more rooms in the basement with kids, and there were even more at another school!! for FOUR HOURS!! so they got busses and stuff and started to bus us back to school (which is only about 2 blocks away, but it was POURING and there were about 1500 kids) so we got bak to skool around….1ish…and went bak to 1st period! lol! when i walked into 1st period, the teacher had already started to ask the teams questions for the competetion again!! while we were in the grammar school, he saw me for like 5 min, and wanted me to rehearse!!! can u believe that!? we’re havin a friggin bomb threat, and the man wants me to remember the guarantee clause!! o..n e we get bak to skool and we hafta go to 4, 5, and 6 pds, cuz those are the lunch periods and legally, they hafta give us lunch. so each of those periods was 30 min long, with the 4 min break in between and we got out at 2:40….a regular dismissal time!! lol! quite an experience!

hmm…what else? i’ve been doin sum updating aruond here, even tho i haven’t been blogging! i added the baby names poll, and moved some things around. off the site, i updated all the logos in the store, updated all my wishlists, and…worked on roxydoll family feud! that’s about it! go check out my wishlist! lol (the link is right by the comment link) if ya buy sumthin i’ll luv ya for life! i love gettin presents in the mail!! hehe

o yah…forgot the commenters! 12 this time (but i think i may have answered a few..hehe) | * | * | * | * | * | * | * |nat * | sanks everyone for commenting!