The last 2 months have felt like moving a map of Europe around like a giant puzzle trying to figure out how to make my various trips piece together. It’s surprisingly difficult to plan a trip when you have no time constraints, no real preference on where you want to go, and you basically put yourself at the whim of airfare prices. There are so many variables at play, I must have plotted and replotted this trip about 30 times.

The big question was how long I wanted to spend in Europe and where did I want to go. Originally I’d had this whole plan of going to France, Belgium and Amsterdam and then taking a budget flight over to Eastern Europe where I’d spend a few weeks. As it got closer, and as the trip expanded to include a much longer first stop, I realized I wasn’t really in the mood to go to Eastern Europe. It was becoming a trip just to tick off new countries in my quest to reach 30 before 30. That’s not a good reason.

Today after playing around on Rome2Rio for a few hours and cross-referencing nearby cities with flight prices, I finally found a one-way flight from Frankfurt to JFK for under $500. That’s the cheapest flight I’d found home from Europe period. Save for flying Norwegian from Sarajevo (I think it was Norwegian).

I like to think of these things as signs. There’s all sort of friction and then the solution reveals itself. It was the right flight and going to Eastern Europe this time around isn’t meant to be. Plus I’ll still be getting 2 new countries: The Netherlands and Belgium! And it’s a much shorter trip which just feels right at this point.

So check on that!

I also got some of the Portugal stuff sorted. I have almost final dates. I think that’ll be finalized tomorrow.

So no more frantically searching for flights for a little while - yay!

Next up on the list is figuring out my Airbnb situation for March. And then starting to pack to make sure I have everything I need. This trip will be about 5 weeks in roughly spring/summer climates.

I wonder if I like travel because I like logistics and organizing. Or I like logistics and organizing because I like travel. Either way, it’s a good thing we get along, because there’s a lot of it involved.

Back to the gym tomorrow. And getting my camera cleaned. I really don’t know how the last month of my life has turned into one giant errand, but I feel like I’m just about getting over the hump of it. Success!