I finally sorted out my Airbnb last night. It had me up until about 3am and somehow I managed to sleep until 11am. Thank god I don’t have to be in an office at 9am! It really threw off my plans for errands all day though. I only managed to squeeze in one before heading to the gym.

My trainer had me on the heavy bag today. It was my first time doing any sort of boxing workout and holy crap it was so much fun. My arms KILLED from the moment I walked out of there but I would totally do it again. We’ll see if I feel the same way tomorrow, but at the moment I’d much rather spend an hour beating up a punching bag than doing step ups and one-armed rows, and squats and all that stuff.

I didn’t realize that today was the day Fuller House came out. I started to see the reviews so I figured I should watch it. I don’t know if I’m proud or ashamed, but I watched the whole thing already. I didn’t have high hopes after reading the Hollywood Reporter review this morning and on the whole it was basically on point: It was a little too reliant on nostalgia and throwbacks, but toward the second half it started to get much better. There were some good laugh out loud moments and it had a nice “feel good” mood to it, so hey, I’ll take it. It did kind of feel like a parody of itself and I could see how a show like that would never make it on prime time tv today, but the 90s kid in me ate it up.

Tomorrow is getting taxes done day! Party. I’m hoping I can move my arms. That’s about all the expectations I’ve put on the day. My last workout of this one-week bootcamp is in the afternoon. I’m actually sad I won’t be able to pick it up again until April, but I’m hoping I can find a substitute of some sort while I’m away.