Despite spending nearly the entire morning (…and afternoon) trying not to take a nap, I managed to tick off a bunch of items on my catch up list. Silly things like emails, banking, prescriptions, and some leftover logistics from moving out of NYC. And a bit of work thrown in there too for good measure.

I’ve been thinking about this writing project and how I can make it less of a daily diary of sorts. I don’t particularly want to write about my day every day. I’m not that interesting nor do I think it’s that useful. But I also don’t now if I can come up with something topical to write about every day. The stream of consciousness thing has been working well thus far.

One way around it, I suppose, would be to find a prompt of some sort and just write about that topic that day. I’m sure something like this has to exist on the interwebs somewhere. I’ll put some time into looking for it tomorrow. But if anyone’s reading this (ha!), feel free to suggest something in the comments! Literally anything.

Yesterday’s forecast said we were supposed to get a few inches of snow today, but that didn’t pan out. I wouldn’t mind one more good storm for the year. Then I can build my igloo.

At least I managed to stay awake til 11:15 without taking a nap today. It was an effort, but a successful one, I hope. Should be back on schedule tomorrow, I think.

Oh and by the way, I tallied up my expenses for the Dublin trip and surprise, surprise, it worked out to be less than the cost of an average round trip ticket! I don’t know how this is becoming a theme, but every one of my trips in the last year or so has worked out this way.

I actually fully expected Dublin to work out to be a bit pricier, considering it’s a Euro-spending country and the Euro is stronger than the dollar (although not as strong as it used to be, thankfully!). It was on the more expensive side of my “long weekend”-type trips, but the expense was well worth finally getting to go to a country I’ve always wanted to visit. And that expense relative to what a typical trip to Ireland would cost was still so, so low.

I love that I’ve managed to build out my life and train myself in a way that a) I have the luxury of taking trips like this (both financially and time-wise), b) they’re now so normal that they’re less stressful to me than the idea of driving 2 hours to a meeting in NJ, and c) I’ve become experienced enough to know how to do it without breaking the bank. For the same amount an average “vacation” traveler would spend, I could probably travel for a few months or more. It’s always a cool feeling when you’ve sort of figured out a system for doing what makes you happiest.

Maybe that will be tomorrow’s topic: how travel has changed my perception of the world around me.