In an attempt to take a break from my hours of paper-writing, I thought I would write a bit about what’s on my Christmas wishlist this year. This has been, by far, one of the most difficult years in terms of actually coming up with a list. I’m at the point where I don’t play with toys, I don’t really need any housewares yet, and I have my own money to buy things when I want them. Most things I want/need are either utilitarian or online things that you can’t really wrap in wrapping paper. Most unfortunately, too, is the fact that most of the things on my geek wishlist are either things that are super expensive or things that I’ve already bought. It’s a pretty boring list this year, except for the Crumpler bag.

Crumpler: The Keystone

Crumpler BagNow that I have my Canon 40D and a respectable number of lenses, it’s time for me to upgrade my camera bag. Also key in this decision is the fact that my 40D doesn’t fit in my current camera bag. Crumplers are incredibly sturdy and this bag has all of the nooks and crannies I need to keep my lenses safe and happy. Despite the hefty $200 price tag, I decided to go for the backpack for purely ergonomic reasons. I already carry a Timbuk2 Artist Series messenger bag and another messenger bag just wouldn’t work. A backpack would distribute the weight of the camera and lenses and my back will thank me.

incase iPod Touch Cover

iPod Touch coverI’ve been waiting for a cover for my iPod Touch for a long time now! It took forever for companies to come out with my favorite silicon skins! incase finally got the hint! I was so excited to find one I sent the link to my mom right away. I’d like the case in pink, but anything but yellow will do! While I’d prefer it to cost far less than $29.95, at this point, beggars can’t be choosers! I’m still debating whether or not I want to put an invisishield on the front like I have on my Blackberry, but for now it’s the scratches on the back that worry me.

Wii Play

Wii Play

After having my Wii for just about a year (although I only really use it when I’m home) and playing around with different games, my absolute favorites are still Wii Sports games that came with the system. They use the controllers as they’re meant to be used. The games are so much more interactive and fun. Wii Play looks like it’s right up my alley and would probably make it onto my very, very short list of favorite games. If it’s in my stocking, you can be sure that the after-effects will rear their ugly heads again.

Hairspray: Shake & Shimmy Edition

Hairspray DVD

To those who know me, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of musicals. My roommate Margot so bravely accompanied to see Hairspray when they played it in our campus theater. It is, by far, the best musical I’ve seen in a long time. Lucky for her, Thanksgiving break was only a few days away. Unlucky for her, Hairspray has been released in a two-disc Shake & Shimmy Edition that supposedly teaches you the steps to some of the dances in the movie. You can rest assured that if this movie is in my stocking, once I’ve gotten over the aforementioned after-effects, I will be shimmying my way through the dances on this DVD and will be dedicating it all to Margot and her bravery ;).

Other Things

I’ve been on a mission to make purchasing music and movies a habit. I’ve subscribed to Netflix and have been getting most of my TV shows and music either through Amazon mp3, iTunes, or ABC’s wonderful free player (I have an abundance of love for ABC and how much easier they make my life). It’s actually quite liberating not to have the fear of the RIAA or MPAA knocking at your door. Movies and music are getting so cheap now that I really don’t see a reason to try any other means. Though my bank account has been taking a bit of a hit lately, I like not paying fines. I like not getting in trouble ;).

To fund my movie and music listening habits, I would like an iTunes gift card and some months worth of a Netflix subscription so I don’t have to shell out the $9 every month. Luckily, my flickr account has been extended until March or April, so I won’t have to worry about that for a few more months. I’m still looking forward to the day they make lifetime subscriptions available. :D

While I’d still love the Dell 30″ flat panel from my geek wishlist, they’re coming out with a new one soon and I’d rather wait for the upgrade.

So that’s that. A pretty mellow wish list this year. There are a few other books, but there’s really no need to go into those here. If you’re really all that interested, it’s all on Amazon. What’s on your wish list this holiday season?