It’s nearly 3:00 in the morning, and I should be asleep right now, but I’m not. Because I’m crazy excited that my app finally made it through App Store review and is out in the world. As someone who builds products for a living, you would think that something as simple as making it through App Store review wouldn’t keep me up at night, but this project specifically is one that I am ridiculously proud of.

I wrote last week about overcoming mental blocks to do the things that you didn’t think you could do. This app is proof of that. I did something I didn’t think I could do. I built something from nothing using tools that I thought were completely out of my grasp. I put something out into the world. And I’m damned proud of it.

So what is it?

Focus: Make Today Count

The app is called Focus. Focus is about making today count. It’s about freeing you from your miles-long to do list with a single daily goal.

It all started when I got a friendly little calendar reminder that I will be turning 10,000 days old on Sunday. Why do I have such a calendar reminder? Because I’m weird and I think such milestones are interesting reminders of fleeting time. I realized that I tend to get so caught up in my big picture ideas that days tend to fly by and I don’t necessarily take advantage of each one. Or I have so many things going on at once that I lose focus and time slips by. Focus is built as an attempt to combat that.

The app itself is very simple: Keep your screen green by achieving your Focus every day. You add a Focus each day and then slide your screen up or down depending on whether you completed it. The more successful you are, the more green your screen is. The less you achieve your Focus, the more red it becomes. Red is sad. You don’t want a red screen.

And that’s just it: It’s very simple. At first I was bothered by this. Why would I put something out into the world that’s so simple? Would it really add value to people’s lives?

But that’s the point of it all, really, isn’t it? We put things out into the world and some of them add value and some of them don’t. And then some of them add value in ways we never expected. I built something I wanted to use myself and I think you’ll find it useful too.

Focus is also a new step for Accomplsh as a company. It all began with, the social goal-tracking community I began in 2010 that was just a small slice of the plan I have for building the tools that make your life better. With the launch of Focus, Accomplsh as a company will be shifting away from just the community. will become a part of the larger picture that is a set of tools, products, and community built around helping you reach your goals.

It has always been my personal goal to improve the lives of those around me, and technology is my medium. I truly believe the world would be a better place if we all had the tools and support we need to fulfill our own personal goals. Through Accomplsh, I hope to reach my goal by helping you reach yours. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

Head to the App Store to download Focus (and please leave a review or send me your feedback!)