I SLEPT FOREVER TODAY!! went to freshman orientation at like 8:30 this morning (which means i had to wake up at 7:30 gasp) then ran over to MCS to drop sumthin off. When i got home, i wasn’t even in the door and my mom said, come on, let’s go for sushi…so..off we went! got bak home around 2:30 and i didn’t even make it past the couch! i just plopped down and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 6:10!!! and i’m STILL tired!! other than that, today was pretty much eventless, freshman orientation was hysterical, cuz they made them follow their schedules like a normal day, except they didn’t hafta sit in the classes. sum1 would come over the PA and say, it is now time to report to your homerooms…few min later, you have 4 min to get to period one…4+ min later…ok, it is now time for pd 2..it was HYSTERICAL!! all the freshman were running FULL SPEED to their classes worried they wouldn’t make it in time! and mind you, NONE of them knew where they were going! so all the adopt a homeroom, ambassadors, and a few peeple were scattered around the building telling everyone where to go…people who had just come from over the bridge were like..where’s room 351? where’s room 240? and we hadta send them BACK over the bridge! it was soooo funny! i didn’t think i knew the building so well!

n e way…gotta get bak to reading up from slavery…fun fun fun! i read 1 page of the miracle @ philly and then just gave up cuz it was waaay too boring!