It’s been a few days of fighting with Amazon Glacier trying to get my photos back. So far I’ve managed to get some of my photos from Japan back on local drives, but there are yearrrrrsss of travel photos backed up there that will take a serious amount of time for me to download and find a better long-term solution for.

While I waited, I added in a power adapter data point to each guide since that was glaringly missing. The best part of doing this has been going through my photos and realizing how crazy the last few years have been. Didn’t expect the bonus walk down memory lane!

The food has opened up all sorts of cravings for me. I suddenly miss Guinness stew, sushi-go-round, ramen, soba, pad thai, you name it. The wanderlust is getting stronger.

I’ve been thinking of some other data points to add to each guide - I thought of things like “where to go from here” or “good flight prices,” but the latter only really works for people originating near NYC and the former is better suited for people who are going on a longer city-hopping trip, so not sure how valuable it is.

On the plus side, three new guides are ready: Dublin, Tokyo, and Reykjavik. Woohoo!

My one-week mark is toward the end of the day tomorrow. I didn’t really add all the bells and whistles I originally had in mind, but at this point they seem kind of unnecessary. Having the guides themselves is key and everything else needs to be secondary. One thing that is missing is the email list signup. The finishing touch to (hopefully) keep people coming back.

My mission for the next few days is going to be trying to get the word out - posting it in the various travel communities I’m a part of and hopefully getting people to sign up for the email list. All in all it was a fun project and I’m glad I finally made myself sit down and do it. Plus it’ll be a fun way to process all of my future travels.

Thanks for joining me on this random adventure. Hope you find Wanderling useful and share it with your friends!