Today marks the halfway point of my Feb writing challenge. Well, I suppose technically sometime in the middle of last post and this post (thank you, 29-day month). I’ve been tempted to say “meh, this really isn’t going anywhere, so maybe I should just stop” a few times now. Let’s face it, mostly I’m just rambling on about whatever pops into my head at the time. I can’t really say it’s improved my writing or my thinking or my anything really other than reminding me of the importance of finishing something that I start. So these rambles will continue for another 14 days.

I did a LOT of sleeping today. Mostly because I didn’t really sleep last night. I decided to watch the remaining episodes of Downton Abbey so I could have another show off of my list and also not worry about fitting it into my schedule in the coming weeks. That took me til nearly 5AM. Whoops! I’m really going to miss that show. The ending was a little saccharine for my liking, but I’m glad people mostly got their happily ever afters. I almost wish they did a flash forward of some sort - maybe 5-10 years down the line to see how things really shook out. I hope we have more shows like it.

I experimented with making English-style pancakes today using my new pan. So much harder than they look! I broke them flipping nearly every time, but the ones that did come out were pretty dang tasty.

My travel planning for the year continues. I’m strongly considering spending some time in Porto, Portugal with Hacker Paradise this summer. Traveling and meeting other people in hostels and such is fun, but it would be great to be able to have some “coworkers” for a little while. June is sounding like a good option at the moment, but I still have a few things to sort out first.

I’m hoping to nail down my plans for March and April this week. Maybe even into May depending on how things shake out. At the moment it looks like I’m going to be on the road for at least 3.5 weeks, but I can see that growing to 5-6 if things start to stack up. I’m trying to avoid having to fly back and forth across oceans unnecessarily. While I love racking up the mileage, the potential to fly 30 hours, be home for 24, and then on a plane again to go back in the same direction is a little too inefficient for my liking! We’ll see what the cards hold this week.

Also I think I might be coming down with something. Either that or my allergies are kicking in earlier than usual. Ick.