ay!! thanks to all of u who crossed ur fingers (nat!)! it worked!! i still have one little bug to fix, but for now, if u wanna view the archives and then go bak to the main blog page, just use ur BACK button please otherwise, u’ll get an error page…i’ll try to get this fixed soon!

i added a buncha new games to the fun menu today! woohoo! a few of them are realllly addicting, so look out!! thanks so much to my bestest online friend Nat for all her help opinions!! GREAT MINDS FOREVER!! i also added a portfolio page today to show off sum of my stuff, not all of it;s great, i just learned how to use brushes not even a week ago! i’ll post again soon, now that this thing is working, i have a feeling i’ll be posting a lot! if u wanna add a comment, please do!! i like reading wat other peeple hafta say…it doesn’t necessarily hafta b about this entry! ttyl!