I’m an over-analyzer. (Big surprise, right?)

What I’ve realized lately, though, is that my over-analysis is a huge component of my commitment-phobia. I rarely RSVP to an event as a “yes” - it’s always “maybe” since I like to keep my options open. What if I don’t feel well? What if I find a really cheap ticket to Seattle and ditch town for the weekend? What if President Obama calls up and is like “Hey Jenn, come on over for dinner with the fam!” I’d rather be an added bonus than a ditcher.

This is all well and good when it comes to things like deciding whether to go to brunch or hackathon, but when it comes to bigger decisions: career stuff, life stuff, etc. I’m finding that I spend so long trying to decide what the best decision is that I end up not making a decision at all. I spend so much time researching the best way to do something that I get completely overwhelmed and end up not doing it at all. Analysis paralysis often gets the best of me.

It’s funny, really, because I’m really quite the opposite once things get going. Once I rip off the initial band aid, decisions flow like it’s no big deal. Once I’m in the thick of things, my intuition overpowers my over-analysis and I’m good to go. The problem is just getting there in the first place.

Hence: JFDI. Just F’ing Do It.

I’ve been practicing this in small instances over the last few weeks and I have to say, it’s been a welcomed relief for my brain and my pro/con lists.

For instance: At lunch with friends and everyone wants some weird tofu dish? I hate tofu. Whatever. Just eat it. (Turns out I liked it.)

Crazy cheap airfare deal appears in my Twitter travel list for $98 round trip to Seattle? Buy it. Figure the rest out later. (Later convinced Jimelle to join and tacked on a mini road trip to Vancouver, thus completing my Go to Canada goal. Win.)

Hate having my picture taken? What if my hair is messy? What if I look dumb? Smile and deal with it. (And look, now you have pictures of you having adventures rather than of buildings and landscapes!)

Have an idea for a random little app and can’t find someone to help me build it? Find a tutorial and Google the hell out of everything you need to make it work. (Does the code suck? Sure. Is it awesome? Nope. Are you proud of yourself? Hell yes.)

I’m working on implementing this strategy more and more. I’ve taken the big leap, but now I need to work taking leaps on a smaller scale: the little everyday decisions that can change your life’s trajectory.

Oh, and this post was also a JFDI moment. I’m tired of thinking “but what will I write about?” From now on I’m just going to write. Some of it is going to suck, some of it might be good, but I’ll have done it and that’s what matters.


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