ok, so i haven’t blogged in a while…again! lol but i’ve been REALLY busy. i FINALLY got my letter from NASA SHARP, i GOT IN!!!!!! woohooo! i start on june 27th! o yah! lets see, what else is new? volleyball season is almost over…:( OO!

I KNOW!! CLAY AND RUBEN IN THE FINAL 2 OF AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! that means that they’ll be at ZOOTOPIA!! i’m so happy! i was screaming when they said kimberly locke was voted off!! everyone better vote for CLAY!! hmm…there HAS to be something else? oo nat is in california on a class trip or something

flavaonline is pretty good, haven’t done much to it, just getting some new articles and things ready. flavaboards are doing good go post go post! http://flavaonline.com/board…and yah, that’s it i think..oo if anyone wants to IM me, i’m not really on foreverdigitaljv anymore, too many people there, im me @ GeniusJ18, my old screen name!