California Road Trip

Since I’m kind of in limbo trying to figure out my employment situation, I’ve been doing a lot of travel dreaming. Here’s a little list of places I’d like to visit in the next year or so. Surprisingly I’ve had a bit of wanderlust to travel around the USA more, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of international trips on my travel wishlist!

  • Nashville, Tennessee - I have some friends who live near Nashville and they're constantly trying to convince me that I would like it down there. I'd really like to go see for myself! Plus some good country music!
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico - Again, prompted by some friends who live there. But also because NM feels so different from a lot of the US. The architecture is pretty distinct, and the landscape is pretty amazing from what I saw on the short drive I took through it on my cross-country road trip a few years back.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OK, I'm starting to sense a theme. I skipped Holland on my Europe trip back in 2009 because I didn't really think it was "for me". But now, through more traveling, I've met tons of awesome Dutch friends and that makes me want to visit their country!
  • Colombia - Fun fact: I'm half Colombian! But I haven't been to Colombia since I was 5. It was my first trip out of the country and I still remember soooo much of it because everything was so new and different to me. From what I hear, Colombia has changed pretty dramatically in the 23 years since and I'd love to go back and explore on my own. Particularly I'd like to go to Cartagena, Cali, up into the mountains, and maybe Bogota.
  • An island in the Caribbean - Much to my mother's chagrin, I never wanted to go to the Caribbean when I was a kid. I never liked swimming in the ocean and the idea of going somewhere whose express purpose is to swim in the ocean seemed like a useless endeavor. I've gotten over my ocean thing, and after spending time in the crystal clear waters in Koh Rong, Cambodia, I totally see the appeal of the Caribbean now.
  • Iceland - OK this one is technically cheating since I already have the trip booked in November, but Iceland has been at the top of my wishlist for ages so I had to mention it here! Specifically I'd like to go in the Blue Lagoon and maybe walk on a glacier. Plus the Northern Lights, obviously!

What about you? What’s on your travel wishlist for the next few years?