Day 2 and I nearly failed my mission already. Let it be known that I started this at 11:58PM. 2 minutes to spare.

JetBlue had an awesome deal today: $29 each way for flights on Leap Day. I jumped on the opportunity for $31 fares last halloween, but I couldn’t justify flying out to the west coast again just for funsies this time around. Even though it was cheaper, it’s surprisingly draining to spend all day in-transit! I’ll just cross my fingers that the $31 fares pop up again this halloween.

I spent most of today cleaning out old stuff I don’t want/need anymore. Another trip to Goodwill in order. I also had to grab my travel stuff and most of my clothes from storage since I hadn’t dealt with them yet. Leaving for Dublin tomorrow afternoon. I’m kind of torn on whether I want to try to make some friends and wander around town with them or if I want to enjoy some solo time. I’ll probably do a mix of both - it’s more fun that way!

I also spent some time chatting with a friend who’s off on a 6-9 month travel adventure. It’s a fun reminder that I actually have some experience under my belt. It’s easy to forget when I follow so many awesome full-time super travelers. In comparison, I feel like an amateur. I’ve barely scratched the surface. But relative to most “normal” people, I suppose I’m actually a bit ahead of the curve.

It’s still funny, though, because I get nervous every time I take a trip. Even if I’m going somewhere completely comfortable, like Dublin. It’s a major city in a first-world country. It’s not like I’m going back to Cambodia (which is probably the most intimidating place I’ve ever been) or visiting the Amazon for the first time. Even so, I get a bout of nerves. I guess it’s just the unknown. Or maybe it’s me worrying about the law of averages. I’ve always had decent luck while traveling, so does that mean I’m due for some major issue? Obviously I let my mind wander too much. It’ll be fine.

Tomorrow is a fun day of packing and airporting. Apparently it’s going to be 50º and rainy. So no super wintery clothes. Yay!

I’ll probably do my writing on the plane tomorrow which means I won’t be able to publish til I land. Fair warning :).