Back in the beginning on November I got an email from someone at the New York Times. They were doing a feature on college collectors for the Education section and they wanted college photographers to take the photos. I submitted my portfolio along with the portfolios of all of the other Senior Photographers. Soon after I heard back from the section’s photo editor telling me I had been selected. I was asked to shoot a few wine collectors on campus. Cool!

Nervous as all hell, I set an appointment with one of the collectors (the other didn’t have his wine in Ithaca) and went to take a first round of photos. It was the same night as our first decent snowfall in Ithaca and it was pitch black out. If you’ve ever seen an Ithaca apartment at night you know that it was not an easy task. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent portrait, even shooting at f/1.8. Darned lighting!

I had to set another appointment - in the daylight. That was the day my car was towed. Convenient, no? Brent was very accommodating though and I ended up going back the next day instead. Daylight, new wines, and standing on his coffee table made for some much better photos.

And now here they are, on I’m not sure if either of them will appear in print - let me know if you see them in tomorrow’s paper! The full slideshow (including photos from other campuses) is here: Collector’s Items



Oh, and yes, this is the “other cool thing” I mentioned in my “2008 In Review” post. :)