I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep yep…look out pedestrians! lol i still hafta drive with my mom, but who cares…i get to drive!!!!! i’m pretty good if i do say so myself! lol i haven’t hit anyone or anything yet! knocks on wood i finished my 6 hours of driving school…now i just hafta wait til december 30 so i can take my road test and get my provisional license! (meaning no more adult in the car!) haha to all of my friends that hafta wait til they’re 17 instead of just 6 months! (well..in new jersey at least)

what else is new? reads last blog to see what else happened slide show is progressing…i have 74 pics now…and MORE ON THEIR WAY! which is good…cuz the times i set out for each slide to be up isn’t really working. i’m trying to synchronize the pictures with the music i’m using in the background…which means that some are up for longer than others…and none are up for as long as i want them to be. originally, there were supposed to be 7.4 pictures up per minute…i have about…30-ish up in 1 min! i’m trying to space it out some more, but it’s not flowing with the music…and i hafta take niiice long breaks cuz if i listen to the beginning of that song ONE more time i’ll punch something! lol. i hafta get it done by thursday…so i have a LOT of work to do.

oo! yah!! another thing! the other day, i went to work…which is nothing new…but my mom gets really bored while i’m tehre cuz there’s no one to talk to etc. etc…it’s just her and the dog at home all day…so she went to home depot…also not a surprise..cuz they practically know her by name in there, so when she told me she went…my usual reaction of…“o boy..what are u doing now”….but she wouldn’t tell me…she just said she was working on a “project” so ok..i figured she was putting up a fence in the yard or something…NOOOO…i come home to find a desk built in my room! it’s not COMPLETELY done yet..cuz she didn’t realize what time it was and she had to come pick me up…but it’s HUGE! it’s built into the wall..in the same place i had my snack tables that my computer sat on before. so now i have a TON of room and i don’t hafta hunch over to reach the keyboard!! only thing is, the chair i have now isn’t tall enough. it’s a regular height desk…but the tables i had before were really low, so i didn’t have a tall chair…now i can barely reach the keyboard! it’s kinda funny cuz i look like a midget.

so yah..then the NEXT day..i come home…and she has a stand built for my TV! that one wasn’t as impressive, but still. i’m REALLY scared for when i go to college and she’s home by herself for like 5 months at a time..she’s have built a mini-house in the back yard or something! so yah..that’s about it. are u proud of me? it’s only been 3 days since my last blog instead of like 3 weeks!

and what’s with the no visitors!? this isn’t acceptable! lol 2 comments!? come on! lol gets everyone excited see! a little enthusiasm goes a long way! now get to commenting and enjoy the site.