Firstly - Last night after I hit the submit button, I went back and counted the number of posts I’ve done. Somewhere in the shuffle, I ended up being one short. I have no idea how that happened because I have no recollection of missing a day and I thought I was doing so well. I think one of my post-midnight postings might have thrown off my dates or something, but at any rate, I’m one day short. I’ll end up with 28 posts at the end of this month, so let’s just pretend it’s not a leap year, k?

Now on to the important stuff: My flight is finally booked! I decided not to come home between my 2 trips and just dive from one into the next. Luckily there was a schedule change in my original ticket to Paris, so I was able to use that loophole to get out of my flight without a charge. Refund for the win! I’ll have to put that toward getting home from Europe in April anyway, so not really a full win, but better than being stuck with a flight I won’t be using.

It turns out my Belated 2016 will be kicking off on March 2nd. About 2 weeks sooner than I anticipated which has put me into a bit of a scramble, but I’d much rather scramble and get this thing going than sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

The thing about changing my whole itinerary is it has me questioning the Europe part of my trip and what I really want to do there. I’d originally planned to hop around the Balkans for a few weeks, but I know in reality I’ll likely only be able to make 1-2 stops given the time I have at my disposal. Option 1 would be to extend the trip, but I’m not really into that idea for some reason. Option 2 is to keep the dates I’d originally planned, hop from Amsterdam down to Croatia or something like that, and spend a week there and maybe a week somewhere like Sarajevo. I’ve already looked into those flight options and that seems like the best at the moment. Option 3 would be to maybe spend a little more time in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam and come back to the States a bit earlier to regroup and figure out where to go next.

I already know I want to go to Portugal in June and I’m a bit worried I’m going to get Europe-ed out. It’s strange - now that I’m changing my travel style into something a bit slower and less backpackery I’m totally confused about where to go and when and how long. I’ve never really stayed in a single place for more than a few weeks so I think I need to just test out the approach before I commit myself to anything super long. I’m a little worried about being solo in this new travel approach. Oddly enough, I’m in the mood to travel with others for a little while.

And part of me really wants to go back to Asia. Or maybe Australia or New Zealand. I think I might shorten my timeframe a tiny bit, still give myself some time in the Balkans (because I have been dying to see Croatia), but come back home to regroup and figure out a plan once I have more information about what my work schedule will be and how it works when I’m truly on the road versus hanging around various places in the US. Seems like a good compromise.

It’s kind of ridiculous that these are the challenges in my life.

To celebrate finally nailing down a lot of these loose ends, I treated myself to the ice cream maker I’ve been eyeing for a few years. I’ve always wanted to experiment with making ice cream. One of those weird obsessions of mine. I mixed up the base tonight and I’ll set it to churn in the morning. I went for a basic vanilla (and managed to curdle the custard a bit, so I’m kind of glad I didn’t try anything more complicated). We’ll see how it goes. If it’s a success, I’m moving on to my favorites: boozy ice creams!

Plus I made merengues with my leftover egg whites. When life hands you egg whites, make merengues.