Part of the trick to being able to travel frequently and with minimal stress is to always be in a state of readiness.

I wrote up a packing list for my first business trip back in 2009 and I’ve used the same one ever since. When I ran out of space on my trusty paper version, I scanned it in and now it lives in my Evernote where a quick search for “packing list” has me off and running in seconds.

These days I actually keep 2 separate lists: One for regular short trips (that’s vacation or work trips) and one for long-term travel / backpacking. Truth be told, my paper list could actually use some updating, but it still gets the job done.

Packing List This was obviously written back in a time when electronics weren’t conveniently combined into 1-2 handy devices. I’m getting old.

The point is: Next time you’ve got your bag all packed up for a trip, take a second to make a list of the contents. It’s better to do this after you’ve whittled down to the necessities rather than keeping a list of everything you think you need but end up weeding out.

The next time you find that great last-minute fare, you won’t have to think about the details. You’ll be able to pack up and be on your way to the airport in no time! Plus you won’t forget your socks!