woohoo, i FINALLY start @ NJIT tomorrow! i went to orientation on friday, it was pretty kool. I had met the girl that is gonna be @ NJIT with me during the 1st orientation, her name is Betsy. i met this kid Josh on Friday, we all went out for lunch (the rest of the kids didn’t want to go! lol..it was strange..anyway..) i got my NASA id, now it’s all official and stuff lol even tho the picture on it is terrible! we hadta sit thru hours of…well..orientation kinda stuff..how to give a presentation, how to write a report, what to do if this and that happens blah blah blah. it took FOREVER to get back home! we hadta go from 112th st in NYC to the holland tunnel, it took nearly 3 hours!!! on a normal day it takes like…30-40 min!

well anyway… what else is new? nothing at all! lol i’ve been playing the sims online all weekend. now i’m watching austin powers

o yah! my haircut! lol i like the way it came out. the cam pic is REALLY terrible cuz i had it in a ponytail and all sorts of styles to see what it looked like, but it’s a lot better now! lol i’m thinking about getting highlights towards the end of the summer…i’m still debating it tho! yah so i think that’s it now…i can’t come up with anything else. there’s always that little edit button that i love! lol

so 1st day at work tomorrow! 9-5! i hafta be up at like…6:30-7:00 so that’s not too bad, i wake up earlier than that for the school year! thanks for visiting!

edit i didn’t wanna make a whole new blog just to put this up and i don’t have the time to type a new blog now…so here it is..lol i just took this quiz..to keep me busy: