Happy Valentine’s Day. Or, more accurately for me: Happy Sunday!

I did what any normal person does on Valentine’s Day: my mom and I went to IKEA because the dresser I’ve had since high school (also IKEA!) didn’t really open and close anymore, so it was time for a new one. And I needed a cinnamon roll.

God knows how many hours (I think 4? 5?) of assembly later, my new dresser is nearly restocked and it’s nice to be able to open a drawer without having ball bearings fall out of the drawer not open at all. It’s the little things.

That was literally my entire day. Bought a dresser. Assembled a dresser. Refilled a dresser.

Now that it’s in the room I’m thinking I might need to rearrange a bit. The dresser is bigger than my old one and it’s feels a little railroad-y in here. Then again, there’s stuff just thrown about everywhere because not everything has made it back into the dresser and/or closet yet.

I also bought a pancake pan at IKEA. I’ve been dying for some Euro-style thin pancakes/crepes.

A thrilling life I tell you.