I slept in today. And my abs are basically on strike. I didn’t do much of anything, really, other than watch The Revenant just in time for the Oscars. I also watched Cooked on Netflix and fell asleep a few times. The wheat episode was particularly slow.

We did get our first peek of Spring today, though. I sat outside for a bit and played fetch with Penny. I’d forgotten how much I like to be warm and in the sunshine. Despite my love for snow, I do love being warm in the sun. It’s something that’s grown on me in the last few years.

As for the Oscars themselves… I still didn’t have a Best Picture favorite going in. I figured Room or The Revenant might get it, and was really surprised that Spotlight got it. But I am glad Leo finally got his due. He’s put up great performance after great performance so good for him finally winning. It wasn’t my favorite Oscars ever. I kind of felt like I was being lectured at the whole time in some sort of anti-bullying assembly. I 100% believe there should be more opportunities for minority actors in leading roles, etc. But I also think the Oscars is about celebrating film we could have maybe left the topic alone after the opening monologue. Maybe that’s my #whiteprivilege talking.

Tomorrow starts operation: inventory and pack. I’m pretty sure I have everything I need except for maybe a new tube of toothpaste, but there’s always something that I end up forgetting last minute!

Tomorrow is also the last day of February (Happy Leap Day!) and the last day of my February Writing Challenge! It occurred to me that nearly every post I’ve written, I’ve inadvertently considered some sort of music lyric for the title. Yesterday was going to be “Agony” From Into the Woods. Today was going to be “One Day More” from Les Miz. I settled on a twist on Sunday Bloody Sunday. Maybe that’ll be March’s challenge. Find a lyric for every day. I love a good play on words.