Wow I was dead this morning. My poor legs scream at me any time I attempt to do something other than stay completely still. With great highs, there are great lows, I guess!

I was back at the gym today nevertheless. Luckily we stayed away from my legs for the most part, focusing on shoulders and back (or was it arms?). My shoulders are a little rickety, but no worse for wear at the moment. Tomorrow may be another story.

I most certainly did not have the same endorphin high I had yesterday after my workout today. All I wanted was food and a nap! This level of activity (physical and the aftermath of brain activity) are going to take a little bit of getting used to. It didn’t help that it was a dreary, rainy day today.

Apart from a bit of work, I mostly spent the day trying to move around, eat real food, and a bit if work here and there. In the end, though, the couch won out and I curled up in a ball hoping I wouldn’t have to get up for the next infinity hours.

It really does feel like a hangover. Except instead of being nauseas I’m starving!

I’ve yet to figure out my accommodation situation, even though I’m leaving next week. That’s top on the priority list for tomorrow.

Today I somehow got sucked into organizing my financial stuff since it’s gotten a little messy over the last few months and I have to do my taxes this weekend. I’ve decided to give Betterment (<– referral link) a shot. I’ve been a Wealthfront user for years now, but their product has been really stagnant over the last 6-12 months and Betterment has a lot of really neat tools that I’ve enjoyed exploring. It’s a much more holistic approach, which I appreciate.

I like having my finances on autopilot. I started automating things when I was in college and now I’m trying to level that all up.

This week feels like it’s flying by and I’m no closer to being ready to leave for 5 weeks. I haven’t even checked the weather there yet! I suppose that’s priority number 2 tomorrow.

Now I need to hobble myself over to bed.