I haven’t been to the gym (or exercised at all really) since July of last year. Ok, I went once last week, but pfft. Today was my first of 5 personal training sessions this week. I am completely blown away by how that one hour changed my entire day.

I lounged around for most of the morning, as I’ve been doing a lot lately. My focus and discipline has been complete crap in the last few weeks. I fall asleep around 2AM, wake up sometime between 9 and 10am (needing this much sleep actually isn’t uncommon for me when my allergies are acting up. I keep meaning to research it some more) and then I either putz around on my laptop in bed or head to the living room and putz around on my laptop on the couch, maybe with some MSNBC or Grey’s Anatomy in the background. Today was no exception.

My appointment was at 2PM. I showered, got dressed, and drove the 3 whole blocks to the gym. My trainer says we’ll be doing a different body part each session since I’m going to be there all week. Today was leg day.

It was tough. It’s always really disappointing to see how far you let yourself slip in fitness. I could barely hold a 45 second plank. My legs were like jello after 30 squats. Nothing like where I left off in July where I could burn through 45 squats with weight as a warmup. Luckily, I have decent muscle memory and the entire time, despite its occasional protests and jello-y-ness, my body was like “yessss! finallyyy!!!”

Then I got home and had some lunch. A healthy lunch I might add, which, had I not gone to the gym, would have likely been eating a bag of chips or some leftover mac and cheese. For the first time in weeks, I sat at the desk in the living room and literally cranked through tons of work and little tasks I’d let pile up. I haven’t felt that level of productivity in months. My brain was spinning a million miles a minute to the point where I was actively working on 3 clients at the same time and the world around me sort of faded away. I believe they call it “flow.” I had it in spades.

It’s continued all night. I was actually really tired around 10PM and considered going to bed early to try to bring my sleep schedule back to more normal hours, but then I got sucked into a new blog via a New Yorker article a friend shared on Twitter. Apparently my whole demeanor was different, or so said my mother when she walked in from work. I feel 1000 times better. Like everything’s functioning the way it should be again. My brain is working, my body feels like it’s been used for something other than holding up my head all day, and, because I put in all that effort at the gym, I have zero interest in eating junk food.

Now I remember why I always felt so much better when I went to a personal trainer. Sure, I was in better physical shape. But the mental shift and psychological that goes with it is mind-blowing. I can basically “buy” superpowers by getting someone to kick my butt in a gym for one hour a day.

This is big.