OK basically no writing happened on the plane. I zonked out promptly after meal service. Although it wasn’t a very restful night’s sleep. While United has (somewhat) improved in their service, the seats are so close together I nearly got knocked in the face when the person in front of me reclined. It was definitely a feat if acrobatics to eat.

When I grow up, I want to be able to fly business class exclusively :)

Meanwhile I probably packed way too much for this trip but I’m still not sure what the weather situation will be. It’s rare for me to carry an extra pair of shoes. Better safe than sorry I only had my rain/winter boots with me.

I bought a few new books for my Kindle before I left. I always have such high hopes of reading on flights or while I’m waiting to board. But let’s be honest, I’m on my phone instead. I picked up Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue and another book recommended by a friend. The title (or even the topic!) escapes me at the moment. (As I was transferring this from Evernote on my phone to WordPress, I remembered, it’s Brooklyn by Colm Tobin. I figured it’d be fun to read a book that has some elements of Ireland while I’m here). I’ve been in search of a book that sort of explains modern European history (let’s say WWI until today). I’m really fascinated by the different cultures, how the languages spread and mix. It’s fun to see the influences of Place A on Place B and I think it would be cool to have a better understanding of how and when that came to be. If you know of anything that’s not a European history textbook, let me know!

We’re starting our descent into Dublin. It’s still dark out. Somehow we’re managing to arrive early. I can’t check into my hostel til 2pm, but hopefully they have a bag room so I can go out and explore a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to be exhausted most of the day today. Should be interesting!

By the way this is my 25th country! I still don’t know how I should count Hong Kong and Taiwan. If they count that’s 27. 30 by 30 is starting to feel somewhat achievable!