I’ve had this idea stewing around in my head for a few years. Most of my friends and family know about it, but never quite know how serious I am about it. Hell, a lot of the time I don’t even know how serious I am about it. It just feels kind of far-fetched and weird. But then I tell someone new about it and they get as excited as I am and it makes me wonder: maybe it’s not as weird and far-fetched as I think?

So I figured I’d share it a bit more broadly, partially as a way to think it through, but mostly as a way of getting it out of my head and into the real world.

I want to buy a farm.

Not just a farm though. Yes, I’d have an epic vegetable garden and maybe some animals here and there (That second part is still in question. I don’t think I could handle having to put a horse down or anything like that.) Yes, there would be land and trees, and maybe even a lake or pond or something.

But really, my farm would be a retreat. Let’s face it: I don’t need a gigantic farmhouse to myself and my vegetables - that’s just odd. I want my farm to be a place where people go to get away from technology. A place to relax, disconnect, paint, garden, play horseshoes, read books - whatever it is that people do when they’re off the grid. We’re not talking your grandma’s country kitchen here. I mean a modern getaway in the country.

I imagine it somewhere in the Hudson Valley - off of the MetroNorth for convenience. Maybe it’s a bed and breakfast type setup, or maybe it’s less structured than that. The point is that it’s the one thing I’ve been able to pinpoint that combines everything I love: entertaining, growing things, cooking (especially the things I grow), organizing and decorating, old houses, nature, photography, and, in a way I never expected: running a business.

There are lots of factors to take into account, for sure. Obviously, having grown up in a city, my farming experience is limited to the old Italian landlady’s backyard garden and the various things I’ve grown on my windowsills over the years. And doing this would mean moving out of NYC: trading in my “city life” for something a little (lot?) slower, possibly less social, and certainly less convenient to things like takeout and subways.

“But Jenn! What about technology?! Surely you can’t live without technology!” you say.

True! And that’s the part that I’ve been tinkering with most in my head. There are lots of obvious things that would keep me connected to the digital world: things like keeping a blog and using technology to have a “smart farm” of sorts. But honestly, that’s the part that concerns me the least. In an ideal world, I’d be commuting down to the city once/week or still working remotely on tech things while my veggies are bathing in sunshine waiting to be picked.

So no, it’s not entirely thought-out. And yes, there are lots of reasons it’s an insane idea. But doesn’t it sound like an amazing adventure? I’m certainly not writing it off just yet.