We celebrated my birthday yesterday because my mom planned a trip to Atlantic City for today. I managed to get ahold of Erin which was great because I haven’t seen her in 2 years! We hung out and watched Spice World (for the THIRD TIME in as many weeks as Margot likes to point out :P). It was nice to reminisce about old times as I found pictures from our childhood.

We’re headed down to AC today. To celebrate my new status as a legal gambler among other things :). More on that later. I also got my iPod Touch, finally! Unfortunately though, all of my music is on my external hd back at school. The interface is pretty great though. I’m definitely going to have to get some sort of protective cover. After my 20GB iPod, this one feels like a feather!

I’m excited for when we get back to school. I’ll finally get to hang out with everyone else without feeling like a baby. Not that I plan to drink every night, but it’s still nice to have the choice rather than be obviously singled out.

I really wish I had written an entry back in 2002 about where I saw myself in 5 years. It’s been one heck of a trip.

P.S. I realize that was pretty much incoherent, but I’m trying desperately to get this entry done before I leave and watch a movie at the same time :)

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