I’ve majorly slacked off on blogging these last few weeks, but I promise I have good reason. Life has been going in all sorts of directions that I never would have expected. I would have been remiss, though, if I didn’t take the time to come back here to write my 8th annual birthday post.

I turned 23 today. It was different than any birthday I’ve had in the past. I wasn’t at home. I wasn’t with my friends. I wasn’t cramming for and then taking an Econ exam. I wasn’t counting down the hours until Fall Break or Columbus Day weekend. It actually kind of snuck up on me this year. Like I said, it’s been a crazy last few weeks!

I knew 22 was going to be an incredibly eventful yearfor me. What I couldn’t have known, however, was just how amazing this year would turn out to be.

I’ve experienced things and had opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of this time last year. I survived my last year of college, pushed myself to succeed in classes that I thought I was guaranteed to fail, spent countless hours turning the Photo department into something we could be proud of, made some amazing friends, and graduated from college. Those were all pretty predictable, sure, but then there were the things that made this year REALLY cool: I had photos published in the New York Times, backpacked around Europe for 6 weeks, tried things that still shock me - like paragliding in the Swiss Alps. I moved to San Francisco, started a job that is turning out to be exactly what I wanted, and to top it all off, I spent the last week on my first business trip - to Taiwan!

Those are just the things I can enumerate. There are the things you can’t count on your fingers like the friends I’ve made, the nights out with those friends that I’ll remember forever, the days where everything felt like it was going just perfectly. Sure there were some bad days here or there, but why dwell on that? I learned a lot and grew even more and that’s really all you can ask for. Twenty-two was a great year and I hope that 23 will bring even just a few of those amazing experiences.

I’ve been incredibly lucky this past year and I want to thank those of you who were along for the ride with me. My friends mean the world to me and I hope you all know that. Here’s to another great year of friendship, adventures, trials and tribulations, but most of all - happiness.

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