well, i’m back from nationals in LAS VEGAS!! it was soooo fun!! i can’t say i learned much about student council or leadership, but the experience was awesome! omg, i met people from ALL OVER the US, even from like the big empty states like iowa and wyoming! and even alaska! my host family was crazy…i’m not even gonna go there, let’s just say it involved foam and lots of mysteries. my roomies were AWESOME tho..omg, katie (connecticut) was HYSTERICAL, allison (collinsville, il) also hysterical and danielle (michigan) were soooo awesome, omg, i miss them so much already! we had sooo much fun with the foam and the missing baby and stuff, lol! good times!

then we had our post trip after the conference ended, which was just people from NJ doin stuff together. we went to the hoover dam, we had a dinner cruise on lake mead, and we say mamma mia at mandalay bay. we had free reign of the strip! our advisors said as long as they have our cell phone #s and we go in groups of at least 2, we could do whatever we wanted!! we hadta b home by like 10 tho cuz of the las vegas strip curfew. i met this kid shawn, he’s awesome too (i hafta find a new adjective, i’ve used awesome waaay too many times in this blog!) we did almost everything together including SEEING CELINE DION AT CAESARS!!!! yep yep, we went to the concert..it…was…AMAZING (new adjective!) omg, the stage was breathtaking and IMMENSE! i mean, u could probably fit my HOUSE on the stage…soo cool. we also ate lunch at the cheesecake factory in caesars with dom, nick (dom-n-nick..lol), pie, and a few other people here and there…WOW is their food good! we were so full by the time we finished our appetizers we didn’t have room for food or CHEESECAKE! =o( lol the bunch of us also went to m&m works, which is like heaven for me cuz i LOVE the m&m characters, they’re ADORABLE! lol what else did we do? we saw the water show outside of the bellagio, we…ate lunch at the ESPN zone, tons of fun stuff, including some excursions to starbucks and baskin robbins. shawn’s a really cool guy. we were like the 2 shutterbugs, every 2 seconds we’re taking a picture of SOMETHING, combined i think we took about 120+ pictures of the hoover dam and it’s surroundings!

yah, that’s all i can remember! lol i had so much fun just being..independant! it was such a great experience! i am DEFINITELY moving to the las vegas area when i’m older, it’s a laid back NY and the weather is GORGEOUS! i will of course hafta have a house in NJ, cuz i would miss snow too much.

other than that, i’m back home, with no plans for the summer, so i’m feeling kind of undirected (is that a word?) at the moment, hopefully i’ll find something to do soon tho, i don’t want to waste this summer. i’d really like to travel, but i can’t do that by myself, so i guess that’s out of the question.

so that’s about it! thanks for commenting while i was gone and thanks for visiting!