I finally caught up on some outstanding client work today and once that was done I basically sunk the entire day in YouTube and reading random things on the internet about whether it really does make financial sense to buy a house vs rent in the long term. Sometimes my rabbit-holing can get very specific.

The short of it is I’m not entirely convinced I want to buy a place. The long of it is I do like the idea of having my own space to fix up and make my own and maybe even have a yard. But at the same time I don’t really know where (or hell, IF) I want to set down roots. I love the idea of living in different places, but I also have a really strong sense of home and homebody-ness (yeah, I just made up a word). So yeah.

Luckily I don’t have to make a decision on this front any time soon. For now I’m going to relish in the opportunity to travel the world and work from wherever suits my fancy and learn about the wonders of people and nature and history and culture and all that fun stuff that I worry I won’t be able to get once I plant my flag, so to speak.

But if you’ll excuse me now, enough of this deep, future thinking. I have to get back to catching up on American Idol.