I think I spent too much time looking at airfare today. I’m trying to rearrange my current plans so that I don’t have to come to the US between stops and save myself about a day of travel time. Plus I’m trying to figure out a rough plan for my 3 weeks in Europe in April so I can figure out where might be best to fly home from. I might just pick the cheapest place and make sure I can get back there in time and wing the rest.

I had a lot of administrivia on deck today. Miscellaneous accounting for my freelance work, some planning for the next few months on the financial front, and of course actual work.

A lot of the number crunching has been trying to figure out how I can aggressively pay down my student loans. I’ve finally dipped below the $20K mark (nearly 7 years later), and I want to try to kill at least 1-2 more loans this year. I just want the hassle and overhead out of my life already. Something about turning 30 this year has me really compelled to get my financial act together. I’ve been pretty good about it thus far. I don’t have any serious debt besides student loans, but I think I could do a better job at it.

I have a pipe dream of being able to “retire” early. I don’t think I’ll ever really retire, because I’m not very good at being unproductive, but the idea that I can work by choice rather than necessity is really appealing and not entirely far-fetched in the modern world. If I could retire before 40, I think that would be pretty fantastic. Probably also a contributing factor to my trying to get my financial life in order.

This year does feel a bit of a pivot point from post-college, young adulthood to next level, regular adulthood. I’m starting to think about things more long-term rather than monthly or annually. It started sometime last year, but switching my mentality toward playing the long game has really helped calm things down a lot and make decisions a bit easier to process.

The one thing that’s kind of falling through the cracks in all of this planning (for me the “new” year doesn’t really begin until March. It’s just how the cards fell. Jan and Feb have been a continuation of 2015 and planning for the “real” 2016 I have in mind..) is optimizing/maximizing my day-to-day. I’ve been so caught up in the future that I totally space out on doing the things I need to do today. I’m hoping to rein that in in these next few weeks so I can kick off my Belated 2016 in a better state.

I’m hoping tomorrow is book plane tickets day (finally) which means that everything that’s been so nebulous for the last few months will finally have some dates attached to them and I can start planning around that. Things are starting to get more exciting. The ramp up to Belated 2016 started today. I’ve already had some really fun and interesting conversations and it’ll be here before I know it. I’ll start being less vague as things come together, but for now, I’m just glad it’s all starting to come together!