And on the 8th day she fell asleep before writing a single word.

After packing everything up I tried to make it an early night. I knew I would have to leave for the airport just after 5AM, so I tried squeezing in as much sleep as I could. But, of course, as was the theme for this particular trip, that was basically impossible. Between someone getting up to vomit in the middle of the night, someone else’s alarm going off for a solid 20 minutes. (It eventually stopped on its own. The owner never got up.), people snoring like it was going out of style, and my general inability to get comfortable and block it all out, I got about 2 hours in.

Eventually I just gave up. Around 4:45, after tossing and turning for over an hour since the random alarm went off, I just called it quits and started to get ready to leave for the airport. I had everything packed up the night before so I basically just got dressed, grabbed my bags and left. I re-organized everything in the hostel common area and checked out.

Of course it was raining out. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for the bus.

Check-in and security at Dublin’s airport is the longest I think I’ve ever been through. Some parts of it are more efficient than I’ve encountered before, but in general it took well over an hour between the moment I stepped foot in the airport and when I made it to the gate. Checking in at the front desk was mandatory, even though all I needed was to get a boarding pass (mobile passes weren’t allowed). Then I had to go through security twice: Once for the typical airport security where the people were really friendly so no big deal. But then I had to clear US Customs and do the whole laptop and shoe thing again.

I was dead asleep before we even took off. I don’t remember the first few hours of the flight.

The flight was much more comfortable than the first one. I don’t think this particular plane had been refitted with the closer-together seats because it felt like I had much more leg room and face space (yes, that’s a thing I consider now after nearly getting hit in the head with the in-seat screen on my first flight). After that first snooze, I was in and out of sleep for nearly the rest of the flight. I was in and out of watching Spotlight (which I didn’t realize until just now is an Oscar Best Picture nominee. I think I caught enough of it to get the gist). I stayed up the whole time for Mad Max: Fury Road. Totally not my kind of movie. I’m actually kind of surprised it’s a Best Picture nominee.

Anyway. I finally made it home. I was out of the airport in about 15 minutes - I guess that’s the bonus of clearing customs on the other side. Fast forward a few hours, dinner, unpacking, and then trying my very best to stay awake until 10PM to keep the potential jet lag in check. Obviously I failed on that one. I actually don’t think it was very much the jet lag and more the exhaustion. My body was actually shaking I was so tired.

Apart from the terrible sleeping situation and the broken camera… which, by the way, it appears I lost the battery charger for. I’m pretty sure I forgot to pack it at the hostel. It’s the only thing I’ve lost while traveling, so it took me by surprise. I’m usually pretty great at keeping track of my stuff. It’s not like the camera it belongs to works anyway. And I still have both batteries. So not the worst loss, but annoying nonetheless…

Apart from those 2 things, the trip worked out to be better than I expected. I didn’t think I was going to get to leave Dublin city because the trip was so short, but I did manage to make it out to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway which really made the trip for me. I’m already plotting my next visit there. I don’t know when, but I know I’m going to have to rent a car and bring a backup camera!

So now I’m back with nothing officially scheduled between now and the end of March. It’s kind of a relief, really. It’ll give me time to organize myself and maybe take one more spontaneous trip. We’ll see.

But now I need to catch up on all the stuff I didn’t do while I was gone!